Important things to keep in mind before building a fireplace

Everyone loves fireplaces, and it is usually part of most people’s dream homes. Cozying up to fireplaces in the cold just feels too romantic and cool to pass up. It’s something we see in the movies a lot, and so we tend to daydream about it a lot. But some of us do get to build one in our homes, and building one is usually a tough challenge. There are a lot of details that go into building and designing a fireplace, and everything has to fall into place in order to get it just the way you want. That’s why you should research before actually committing to building one. Based on my own and my friends’ collective experiences, i have pretty good idea of most challenges that come with building the fireplace, so i thought i’d share some tips and tricks that might make some of your lives easier.

First of all, even if you’re hiring someone to build it for you, which most people are, make an effort to understand how your fireplace will work. Most fireplaces have rather simple design, so it won’t be hard to understand it’s structure in and out. When talking of building fireplaces, we must talk about safety concerns. Having unsafe fireplace will put not only yours, but many other lives in danger. Thousands of housefires are caused by fireplaces that weren’t properly safeguarded, so making sure that your fireplace meets all the safety standards should be number one priority. It’s also good practice to keep anything flamable away from the fireplace.

Even if it’s far enough to not catch fire. Sometimes one spark can be enough to start the process. So my point is, it’s absolutely crucial that you hire someone who knows what they’re doing, and you should double check their work, too.

But building the fireplace is only beginning. Actually using it properly is whole different challenge. You’ll have to source wood, and split them into logs, using either splitting mauls or log splitters.  This buying guide could help you choose one. You will also have option of buying firewood, but i think going the DIY route gives it whole new charm. Making a fire is pretty basic instinct for most people, and watching a fire that you made all by yourself – from start to the end – can be very gratifying experience. Starting the fire is whole other topic, and i won’t get into that now, but quick search on google should give you enough information to suffice.

 Despite these challenges, i can attest to the fact that having well-built fireplace in your house is definitely worth the hassle. If you truly want it, nevermind the challenges and start building one today. But if you’re not sure in your commitment to it, better stay away and enjoy other people’s fireplaces if you can instead.

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