Economics of owning electric log splitter

When i first decided to split wooden logs 50 years ago, i didn’t have much options in terms of the kind of tools i could use. I had only one choice – using axe. But nowadays, as technology advances, more and more options become available. There are manual log splitters, which, as the name suggests, use manual force to get the job done. There are electric ones, which run on batteries and cords, and you’ll often come across fuel-based electric splitters, too. With all these options available, choosing the right log splitter can get daunting. People who haven’t been into this kind of stuff have it especially hard. There are tons of legitimate questions that they have. Which type of log splitter is the cheapest and most reliable? How do you decide between paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for advanced log splitter, and paying under hundred dollars for good axe? Log splitters must be better, since people are buying them, but since both get the job done, what makes one better than the other?

 I’ll try to answer those questions one by one. First of all, let’s talk about differences between axe and log splitter. Price difference between these two is staggering, and it is in fact for a good reason. The main difference between these two is that log splitters are designed to split massive amounts of wood as quickly as possible. Therefore, people who have tons of wood to split opt for that option, since splitting them all using handheld axe can be daunting. On the other hand, amateurs find wood splitting mauls to be good match for their needs, too. If you’re reading this article, it’s more likely than not that you don’t have much experience, so axe will most likely be better option for you.

 Choosing between diesel-powered and electric log splitters is whole different topic. There are many numbers involved, but as a rule of thumb, you should consider price of both – electricity and diesel in your country. If one is cheaper than the other, your choice should be pretty clear. Some people also complain about it’s reliability, but based on my little experience of using electric log splitters, they work much better and are more robust than most fuel-powered splitters that i’ve used. If you’re too concerned about the price, i think there are also cheaper models being sold now. I haven’t had personal experience with one of those, but i’m hearing good things about them.

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